Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions

This page contains links to PyMol session data provided as supplementary information for Hudson et. al. (2015).

Information for amino acids interacting with monosaccharides is available in the form of PyMOl ( session files (.pse). In all cases a typical monosaccharide is represented as black sticks, and the amino acids have been represented in different colors dependent on the type of residue: white (polar), beige (aromatic), and grey (aliphatic). The file names contain the source PDB ( identifier. The sessions for the monosaccharides are divided into three categories:

All - This contains all of the coordinates of the monosaccharide in the data set, with all of the amino acids in the vicinity. The side chains of these have been represented as lines.

Side_chain_centres - This contains coordinates of the monosaccharides and the centers of the proximal side chains represented as 'dummy' Zn atoms for ease of representation, with the aromatic and aliphatic residues highlighted as spheres.

CH-pi_interactions - This contains coordinates of the monosaccharides and aromatic amino acids with rings forming CH-pi interactions with the carbohydrate. The aromatic rings have been represented as lines.