Welcome to the homepage of the LOGICOIL online user interface

The LOGICOIL algorithm predicts the oligomeric state probabilities of a coiled-coil sequence. It curently allows to classify antiparallel dimers, parallel dimers, trimers and tetramers. LOGICOIL is freely available for academic, commercial, personal use and download. If you find the LOGICOIL user interface or source code helpful, please reference the following:

"LOGICOIL: Multi-state classification of coiled-coil oligomeric state."
T. L. Vincent, P.J. Green and D. N. Woolfson.
Bioinformatics (2012) doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bts648


LOGICOIL online interface


You may enter a coiled-coil sequence with register assignments using option I. If you have no available information for register assignments, please use option II.

If you are unsure of which format to use, please read more...